Steve “Russ” Zito

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Steve “Russ” Zito
DOB: 3/17/1986
 2008 BS Mathematics Sacred Heart University
 2010 MS Mathematics Fairfield University
 2012 MS Mathematics University of Connecticut
 2016 PhD Mathematics University of Connecticut
Certi cations:
 LWC referee certifi ed
 USAW Level 1 ceritfi ed
Best lifts:
 85kg: 121/150
 94kg: 126/157
I had finished college in 2008 and was a lost soul in the weight room.  I had read online about this exercise called an “overhead squat” and decided to give it a try. I laced up my converses, set the bar as high as the pins would allow, tightened up my wrist wraps, and away I went. A gentleman walked
into the gym, saw my plight, and said “Do you know what that exercise is?” I responded rather sheepishly I did not to which he replied: “That is an overhead squat. It is one half of a weightlifting movement called the snatch. Here, try these shoes on.” Little did I realize I was being introduced to the
sport of weightlifting by none other than Gary Valentine. I’ve been hooked ever since.

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