Danielle Colosimo


Danielle Colosimo from Bristol, CT.  A middle school music teacher by day and a dedicated Olympic Weight Lifter/Crossfitter at night.  Danielle currently USAW certified as well as CF-L1 and coaches at Bell City Crossfit in Bristol.  Certified as a Lifeguard/Swim Instructor for the Southington http://www.facesoflyme.com/view_pets/profile/pet_webpage.php?def=1&pet_id=3146 YMCA, she also volunteers time in the fall to coach Powder Puff Football at Southington High School.  

Best Lifts:  Clean 205lbs, Clean & Jerk 200lbs, Snatch 145lbs, OHS 205lbs, Back Squat 305lbs, Front Squat 245lbs, Deadlift 405lbs.