USAW Sports Performance Coaching Certification

I came here for my USAW Sports Performance Coaching certification. I’m not sure what I was expecting but I know it wasn’t what I found when I got there. Gary is a terrific coach with a lifetime of lifting and coaching experience. Coach Gary has everything you need to be a better lifter or coach and most hospitable. I didn’t have lifting shoes so he let me borrow a pair for the weekend. I will definitely come back here for more coaching, instruction, and hopefully lifting. Highly recommended!

Jason Giles

USAW Certification feedback from NFL athlete

I recently finished the level 1 coaching course for USA Olympic Weightlifting with Gary Valentine. I wanted to contact you directly with some feedback about the course.

Firstly, I would like to give you a little background about myself. For the past decade I have played in the National Football League. I have played in three AFC Championship games ( two with The New York Jets and one with The New England Patriots). I have a total of nine credited seasons as a Tight End in the National Football League . In nine seasons I have played for ten different organizations within the National Football League.

I say all of that not to talk about myself (necessarily) but for you to understand that I have been around a lot of the top strength coaches in the world. This is all pertinent because I would now put Gary Valentine into that same category.

Secondly, throughout the entire course Gary was informative, knowledgable, and intelligible. Gary took the time to not only enlighten our class on the specifics of olympic weightlifting, but he also fostered an environment where we all felt comfortable to share our own experiences. Needless to say, whether one is a novice or a professional athlete Gary is able to effectively cultivate an athlete’s ability to learn.

Lastly, I came to the class with one intention — to receive an introductory level coaching certification. I had no expectations of learning anything new per se. One of my favorite things to do in life is to crush weights. I spend a ridiculous amount of time trying to push my body to new levels in strength and conditioning. With that being said, there were things I learned from Gary that I never gave consideration to before. Undoubtably what I have learned will make me a better athlete.

In conclusion, I hope USA Weightlifting understands what a gem they have in Gary Valentine.

Matthew Mulligan

Matthew Mulligan

Team CT

I am a relatively new member and have learned so much since joining Team CT. Coach Valentine has been great at improving my technique and going to make me a better lifter. I look forward to team practice as one of the real high points of my week. The team members are supportive and fun to be with.

Chris Price

Love Team CT Weightlifting! Proud to be a member of the team; and even prouder of Coach Gary Valentine who pushes me to be better than I was yesterday.
Vivian Dawson (W45) 75kg+
(Oly Master Weighlifter)
2015 Nationals – Gold & (C&J rec)
2015 American – Gold
2015 Pan-Am – Gold & (Sn/C&J rec)
2015 Worlds – Silver

Vivian Dawson

What a TEAM!! Awesome atmosphere and lots of learning!!

Danielle Colosimo Abucewicz