Final Pre-Meet Start List

2020 CT State Championships Final Pre-Meet Start List

Attached is the Final pre meet start list for next weekend. Just a few changes from previous, please be sure to check your session and weighin time, and report any changes asap.   All CT LWC and Meet Championship Records will be at stake.

! Meet it at District Athletic Club  Address: 470 James St #004, New Haven, CT 06513

Our sincerest thanks and appreciation to Carla O’Brien and staff at DAC for stepping up for our lifters during these challenging times!!

Covid Screening will take place at entrance. All rules will be explained there, and/or you can contact myself or Carla O’Brien at DAC with any questions.

No one will be allowed in without a facemask/shield/ or face covering, no exceptions. Everyone must wear masks at all times in building with the exception of the competition athletes when they are in warmup or competition platform area. If you leave that area, you must put on your mask.

Unfortunately, no spectators can be allowed. Webcast is live and free. They can stand on turf outside doors, possibly doors up if warm. Athletes may have one coach in warmup area, designated at checkin, and who must wear mask at all times in facility.

Even if CT goes back to Phase 2, we will still hold the meet, as conditions will be the same as August 9. We are subject to State inspection with fines and shutdown, and are doing everything to comply with State regulations. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation.

Reminders for ALL: 

Please bring government ID and USAW membership to checkin at screening.

Anyone age 18 or under at day of weighin must wear singlet and be accompanied by adult (coach or parent).

Have your opening attempts ready in kilos at weighin, and report next attempt in meet to score table immediately following each attempt.

Personal Bag and belongings must be kept with the athlete at all times. There are no lockers, showers, lounge areas to wait except the turf.

Please Adhere to all guidelines in the gym.Use proper hand washing and sanitizing at all times. Use proper disinfection of warm up equipment you have touched before and after each session.

Stated  times listed should leave plenty of time for one session to finish, exit the facility, Disinfect warmup area, and next session to warmup.

Athletes must bring their own chalk. We will not have PT services at this meet. If bleeding visibly approaching the bar, athlete will be stopped, with clock running, until adequately taped. Any athlete discharging any fluids on the platforms must take steps to mitigate another occurrence or will not be granted another attempt.

Please review rules here:  If you have become a referee, please contact me to shadow a session and be ready to ref!


Gary Valentine, M.A.,USAW National Coach/Referee
President CT Weightlifting.
2003/2013 World Masters Weightlifting Champion/Recordholder.